Swiss Start-up Monitor


Swiss Start-up Monitor



The Swiss Start-up Monitor is the single, independent, and trusted Swiss internet based database for secure capturing and sharing of start-up performance data to efficiently track the development of start-ups by region, sector and/or university affiliation.

The Swiss Start-up Monitor consists of the Start-up Directory and the protected Performance Database.

The Swiss Start-up Directory allows visitors to get an overview of the Swiss start-up landscape, and to specifically sort by various criteria. Already today several hundred start-ups are included in the database which shall eventually cover over 90% of the Swiss start-ups.

The Protected Performance Database will start with a beta-phase in February 2012 and will be available online in the middle of this year. Access to the protected area is subject to approval by the Swiss Start-up Monitor team. The confidential data of start-up companies can only be seen when the start-ups explicitly allow it. For further information, conditions and applications please contact Dominik Wensauer.

The Swiss Start-up Monitor project is financed and supported by three initial partners: Confederation’s innovation promotion agency, AVINA Stiftung and the Gebert Rüf Stiftung.


Contact information:

Dominik Wensauer
Project Lead
 +41 77 475 33 44